Embrun, On

This development project is situated in the heart of Embrun.

Every day, more and more families choose Embrun as their place to stay. Situated at a convenient 30 minutes south-east of Ottawa, Embrun offers its residents the perfect mix of country living, with easy access to the city.

With schools, groceries, sports complexes, walk and bike trails along with many other amenities nearby, Embrun makes it perfect for the ones chasing a good balance of work and play.

Embrun is also home to an industrial park, which has been a key factor in Embrun’s ever so expanding businesses.

The Village of Embrun is part of the Russell Township, which in 2018 was ranked as the 3rd best place to live in Canada, and as the 3rd best place to raise your kids in Ontario.

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Crysler, On

This development project is in the center of the beautiful, small town of Crysler.

Crysler is part of the North Stormont Township, which is governed by the United Counties of Stormont Dundas and Glengarry.

This strong spirited town offers key services such as school, church, a library, organized sports programs and activities for all ages, a skating rink and more.  Crysler also offers a dock and boat launch on the South Nation River.

If you’re chasing tranquility in the eastern Ottawa region, all whilst having an easy access to the city, Crysler is one of your best bets.

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St-Isidore, On

This development project is located in the town of St-Isidore, Ontario.

Part of The Nation Municipality, St-Isidore is situated near the Québec border, and a short 35-minute drive to downtown Ottawa.

You’ll find an easy access to many fully bilingual services such as libraries, community centres and halls, parks, trails, bowling, and senior citizens home, to name a few.

There are many activities organized throughout the year in different neighbour villages such as carnivals, festivals and other community activities.  One that has become quite renowned is the “Festival de la Curd” in St-Albert.

The Nation Municipality is made up of large areas of rich agricultural lands, an easy drive away from city life.

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